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I had never heard of a music box before she let me hold it. She said it felt too cliché to be real, and that’s how she knew that there wasn’t any such thing. But I could feel its weight in my hands and hear the tinny tune of its labor, and I started to think that maybe she was wrong.
She said you couldn’t trust a musician, and that’s all it was. A tiny, plastic, fake of a musician. She even said the sticker on the back had lied, and that it probably wasn’t ‘Made in Holland.’ Probably not any of the other European tourist countries, she said.
When it got so cold that we couldn’t feel our fingertips and the sky hurt to look at, I played the music box and pretended I was ‘Made in Holland’ too.
Probably one of my more cliche pieces.
But I still love music boxes.
Wielder-of-Quills Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
I love how you can tell a story in so few words. Always the best words too! I particularly love the last sentance.
... I am always so excited to read your work, I am not even 'just being nice' haha, because it may seem like it, but I'm SERIOUS! I am in :love: with your writing style :D PLEASE keep them coming, your stories are addicting me! :hug:
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